Dog Dreams: The boundary of “consumer” research Part III

From the Annals of Modern Qualitative Research

Brand Repositioning case study


It’s clear from this work, research that has penetrated the inner life of dogs, that dog food is much more than nourishing gut fill. It lifts a dog’s energy and can at the same time calm him. It tightens bonds between dog and caretaker. It can make a dog nostalgic. In the end it satisfies the dog’s soul. With this rich emotional landscape it would appear that there could be several positioning options for Livers & Hearts.   Recommendation is to commission a quantitative segmentation study in order to confirm the hypothesized attitudinal segments found in this report as well as the mapping of Livers & Hearts vs. key dog food brand competitors. This research also indicates that such a study could be a global one. Livers & Hearts could be a global brand on the basis of hypothesized commonalities across ethnic and climatological groups.

On the basis of this research alone, in the event that the Brand doesn’t have the time or resources to commission a quantitative study, our recommendation would be to not reposition Livers & Hearts as a premium brand. The brand as it is currently positioned in the mind of the largest postulated segment, the Binge & Barfers, is aligned with how these dogs’ expectations of dog food will evolve in the next few years. Moreover Livers & Hearts could attract more dogs from the Performers segment without major marketing investment.   In order to solidify presence with the Bing & Barf segment as well as convert some Performers we would recommend however, a packaging redesign to contemporize the brand. We would also suggest better targeting of Liver & Hearts marketing investment. Consider, perhaps, targeted sponsorships (dog run fence signs, create X-games for dogs (definitely not AKC dog shows!!), cow/sheep advertising, birding or rooting clinics at mega pet food stores (e.g.PetSmart).


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